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Is Higher Level Maths Worth The Effort?

So many students struggle when faced with the choice to do Higher Level Maths or Ordinary Level Maths. The 25 bonus points award for Higher Level Maths is enticing. But, is Higher Level Maths really worth it in the end? Let's talk about all the pros and cons to doing Higher Level Maths opposed to Ordinary Level Maths.

Leaving Cert Timetable 2023

Table of Contents Leaving Certificate Exam Timetable 2022 Leaving Cert Applied Timetable 2022 Conclusion 1. Is the Leaving Cert Timetable The Same Every Year? 2. How Long is the Maths Leaving Cert Exam? 3. How Many Marks is the Irish…

Leaving Cert Grading System [2023]

Table of Contents The Revised Leaving Cert Grading System The Revised Common Points Scale  Bonus Points for Higher Level Maths Revised Scoring For LCVP Link Modules Benefits Of The New Leaving cert Grading System How Hard Is The New Leaving…