The Junior Cycle: The Complete Foolproof Guide 2023

Table of Contents Junior Cycle Framework Junior Cycle Subjects What Do The Levels Actually Mean? The Junior Cycle Examinations Junior Cert Assessment & Reporting Classroom-Based Assessments (CBAs) Subject Learning and Assessment Review meetings (SLARs) Assessment Task (AT) Short Courses Junior…

Is Higher Level Maths Worth The Effort?

So many students struggle when faced with the choice to do Higher Level Maths or Ordinary Level Maths. The 25 bonus points award for Higher Level Maths is enticing. But, is Higher Level Maths really worth it in the end? Let's talk about all the pros and cons to doing Higher Level Maths opposed to Ordinary Level Maths.

In Praise of the Junior Cycle

Let's talk all things 'Junior Cycle'! What is the Junior Cycle? How does it positively affect students, both academically and developmentally? How has it been reformed? Is there still room for improvement? All you need to know about the transitional period between Primary School and the Leaving Cert.

What Is Maths Anxiety And What Causes It?

Maths anxiety is the stress and tension that arises from an individual working with any mathematical problem. It's essentially the “fear”of Maths. And it's more common than you might think!

Why The 2023 CAO System Is Broken.

The 2023 CAO system is broken. Inflated course points bias students into selecting the wrong course. The reality is this: if you get high points, you should do a high points course. It's subconscious bias. It's the wrong way to start the rest of your adult life. And here's why.........