The Breakthrough Maths System

This is your one-stop shop to improve your Maths grade. We teach students from 2nd class right through to 6th year. Our approach is about teaching through testing.

It’s a more engaging way of teaching Maths. Students do on average 15 questions in a given Maths class. Students results are tracked each week. We text parents the results directly after the class so you can keep up on your child’s progress.

So, it’s more accurate than any other grind, and it’s led by an engaging, young tutor. Do a 45-min class each week, complete your worksheet, follow our curriculum plan, and watch your results climb!

“I found Maths hard in school myself. Now, with our technology, we will make it more engaging and easier for your child to learn.”

-TJ Hegarty

Breakthrough Maths Founder

How Classes Work

Online Classes

Our classes are all live and online. remote basis. Students can tune in right from home through a link that we send out via WhatsApp. This is not a boring, drawn out Zoom lectures – this is an immersive class where students complete up to 15 questions a class. It’s active learning.

Testing is Key

We teach through testing. It’s about less lecturing and more practising Maths questions. The tutor and student will be able see their results live on the call as they go. This allows our tutors to see where your child is struggling and spend extra time on that topic.

1-1 Style Class

In our live classes, you can’t see any other students. It’s just you and the teacher. It’s a safe space to make mistakes without judgement. No need to worry about other students. No need to worry about being called upon – the tutor uses the chat to talk to you. You can ask the tutor questions too by unmuting. And if your child is lost in class – we will know, using all the data. We take care of your child right through the lesson.

We Text Parents Progress Reports

After each class, you will get a text with your students results so that you can see their progress each week. Pupils also have access to a dedicated WhatsApp number to support them outside of our grinds. Simply send a picture of whatever you are struggling with and we will reply as quickly as possible with a personalised video tutorial on how to do it.

Our Tutors

Conor O’Donoghue

Originally from Kerry, Conor is 1st Class Economics and Finance graduate from UCD. He achieved a H1 in Maths in his leaving cert and his love for Maths stemmed from his mother, who was also a Maths teacher. He takes a personal approach to teaching to inspire and encourage young learners.

Brian O’Mahony

Brian has taken a different path to teaching Maths. Brian struggled with Maths in school, until a tutor in UCC taught him how to love Maths. Brian went on to graduate with a 1st Class Econometrics master’s degree from UCC. He is currently studying for a masters degree in education at UCC and has been tutoring for over 4 years!

Rachel Hanafin

Rachel is currently studying Finance in UCC. She is one of our very enthusiastic tutors who always works to make Maths fun for her students. She loves Maths and helps students learn how to work through their struggles in the subject so that they too can succeed .

Diarmuid O Sullivan

Diarmuid is one of our tutors from Cork. He has always had a love for Maths and is currently studying Maths at UCC. He has a talent for engaging with students so that they too can learn to love Maths!

Paulina Krungleviciute

Paulina graduated with 600 points on her Leaving Cert and is currently studying Financial Maths and Economics in UG.

Paulina has years of experience teaching grinds. She is calm, organized, and an expert at engaging classes.

David Langley

David loves teaching Maths and seeing students reach their full potential. He received an H1 in Maths on his Leaving Cert, and is currently studying Commerce in UCD.

He believes that anyone can achieve a strong grade in Maths, it’s all about finding what works for you!


How Do I Contact Breakthrough Maths?

Email: info@btmaths.com 
or WhatsApp us.

We have a team working from 9am-9pm, 7 days a week.

Why is your way of teaching Maths better?

Our platform tailors to your child. We’ll be with them every step of the way through our live Classes, Worksheets and Tutorials, all accessible in the one place. The student account is created before the first lesson, and this is where the student goes to every week.

What Is Included With Our Grinds?

Our service for each child includes unlimited live classes each week, notes, worksheets and all your child’s recordings. You can also view your child’s progress each week. No child is ever left behind in our classes.

What Is The Cost Of Each Class?

We do not offer a pay-per-class model. The first class is free to try. It costs €149 a month thereafter. Students receive a live class each week. Payment is taken via direct debit each month. Parents can cancel at any time.

What Size Are The Classes?

Our class size is irrelevant as all you can see and interact with is the tutor.

The tutor can interact with everyone in the class and make sure each child is engaged.

Are The Classes In Person?

No, they are always online.

What Topics Do You Cover In Class?

A specific curriculum is made out for each class/year. We always start with Algebra for our Secondary School students, as this is their biggest challenge. We focus on problem-solving and the basics of numbers for our Primary School students. Our curriculum is made by qualified primary and secondary school teachers and state examiners.

How Long Are The Classes?

Our classes are 50 minutes long. 

Do You Do 1-1 Grinds?

No, we do not offer 1-1 grinds.  However, our  “SupportSapp” system is designed so that we can help you 1 -1 where needed. This is a service where students send images of questions or tests they struggle with. We review all queries each day and send back the solution in a video format. We are there for you when needed!

Do I Need To Download Zoom?

No. We use our own platform. The link to the class on the platform is sent to you when you sign up.

How Do I Use SupportSapp?

Click this link to upload your question and we will respond to you in 24 hours.

What do I need for the class?

All you need is a piece of paper, a pen and ideally a laptop or iPad. Phones work, but they are not great.

Founder’s Story

TJ Hegarty

I really struggled with Maths in school.

I perceived it akin to a foreign language. I had a constant sense of dread for the weekly Friday tests. I never understood if I actually had ability in Maths and I often felt let down by the teaching standards in school. I was lost.

I achieved 600 points in my own leaving cert and scraped a Maths grade. I worked hard to achieve it by force of will, rather than understanding Maths. I started to teach Maths grinds after that while in college.

In 2020, I set up Breakthrough Maths to solve the problems I had experienced in school with Maths.

It started off slow. We had 12 students in our first week way back in 2020. But I learned as we went along and I ahve sourced some of the best software engineers in Ireland to build out our own custom platform. Zoom was ok, but we could not gauge a child’s engagement or ability on the class. And there were too many distractions on Zoom which often created anxiety for students. That’s why we have custom built our own platform.

I think we are onto something big. I know all the features we have built into our platform are fucndamentally built on years of research. Constant testing, identifying problems early and helping students to study Maths are areas not addressed by current offerings. It’s my personal resolve to build something that can impact every student at home in Ireland and, eventually, internationally.

TJ Hegarty
Founder and CEO

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