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We Develop Confidence in Maths

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Paul Silke

My daughter is enrolled and the improvement in her understanding is fantastic.


My daughter really enjoys doing the classes. After classes she always says that she learnt something new.

He’s had fun, he’s laughed through Maths, which I didn’t think was possible.

Chloe O’Brien

6th class Parent

Primary School Curriculum

6th Class

The goal of the 6th class is to get our students ready for Secondary School Maths. And It’s a big jump. We quickly recap our 5th class curriculum at the start. We then move on to much harder topics, such as problem-solving and, ultimately, basic Algebra.

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5th Class

The goal of the 5th class is to build on the basic fundamentals of Maths. It’s all about building confidence. We start with making sure students are comfortable with the basics of numbers. Our 5th Class course covers:

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4th Class

For our 4th class students, we start by practising basic operations (adding, subtracting, multiplying). We then move onto basic word problems involving operations. The goal for our 4th classes is to get students ready for the step-up to 5th and 6th class Maths.

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3rd Class

Our 3rd class curriculum makes Maths fun for our students. We foster a love for problem-solving. We take away the “fear of Maths”. Furthermore, we start by bringing students back to basics. We start learning and practicing basic operations (adding and subtracting). We then move onto basic word problems involving operations. 

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Is it a 1-1 grind?

Your grind will feel like a 1-1 grind.

The student can only see is the teacher. They interact only with the teacher. The teacher will talk to them infrequently, both in the class and in the chat.

What’s the cost of the program?
Do you follow the school curriculum?

Yes, we do. Most schools do the same topic at the same time of the year. We match that teaching plan.

What’s unique about our system is the fact that we offer unlimited classes each week. Each week we will be teaching two different topics. So you have choice in what you would like to study.

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