Louise Bradshaw

Breakthrough Maths is a fantastic service my son did the first trial which was free and we joined after that for the grinds. Cian was great and continuously asked the kid’s questions to make sure they were tuned in. The other great side to this is you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home especially when you have other kids to take with you on cold dark evenings. Kyle’s algebra improved greatly. I would recommend Breakthrough Maths a 100%.

Philip O Brien

Two of my children doing grinds with breakthrough maths. I found them fantastic to deal with. Very helpful great advice no problem when I changed one of my children to a different class. Tutors are young and trained really well and very patient with the students. Very fast to deal with any query I have had. Highly recommend.

Yvonne Clifford

I cant recommend these enough. My daughter Emma is doing Maths grinds for Junior Cert. She missed a good bit of school at the start of the year due to an accident. After starting these grinds and doing the Junior Cert crash course she is so happy and feels ready to take her exam. After every grind she comes out smiling and always says she now understands. Best decision I ever made. Also, the support team and Ben are so good. nothing is too much trouble and they are so friendly. Thanks to all

Valerie Gallagher

Break Through Maths has given my Son confidence in his class to ask Questions. His grinds has given him great support as he goes through the School year.

Sandra Lawlor

My daughter started maths grinds in March and to see the change in her confidence towards maths has improved, she is more engaged in the subject and the grinds with BTM is really boosting her confidence in school. Her tutor David is incredible, he is so engaged with his group, takes time to speak to each of them before the lesson and makes the lesson interesting, fun and explains things so well and always makes room for questions and makes it a very comfortable environment for the class to ask any Qs. The additional support also is amazing. Best thing I ever done for my daughter thank you David and BTM team

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