We’ve only gone and made THE ECHO!

Just to say a huge thank you to all our current students and parents. It’s a phenomenal figure – to teach over 1,000 students per week in less than 1 year of business!

We’ve added super features to our service in the last few months:

  • Google classroom, housing all the recordings and notes of all previous classes
  • Automatic sending of the recordings after each class
  • Improved class decks
  • Started in the UK

The future is bright. This is a service that families need across the country and beyond.

Our vision is that Breakthrough Maths lessons will become so good, that every student will want to join them to achieve their best grades. That’s our vision and belief in what we do. It’s our commitment to all our students and parents.

Onwards and upwards!

Thank you to David, the ‘echo’ boy in town, a Cork institution!

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T.J – CEO of Breakthrough Maths

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