Practical Exam Revision tips

Do you have an in class test or an exam coming up soon? Here at BreakThrough Maths we work with students everyday to help them get prepared for their exams. So, it’s fair to say we know a few things about Practical Exam revision tips. No matter if you’re sitting the Leaving Cert or the Junior Cert these exam revision tips will surely help you on your way to creating a more effective study plan.

1. Rewrite key notes

Some people read notes, read their notes out loud or write notes. It all depends on how best the information stays in your head. The action of writing is highly effective when revising notes as most exams are written. Taking out an old unused copy book and writing key points from every chapter is a great way to have all your revision tips and notes in one place!

2. Talk to yourself!

Or talk to someone else, if they have the time! Verbalising your notes can help to revise your notes in a different way especially if you are finding writing or listening not as effective anymore. Hearing your own voice and saying your notes many times helps you to remember what you’ve said. It’s like learning lines as an actor for a movie!

3. Study buddy

If you find studying on your own not very productive, ask a friend or friends to create a study group. That way you can bounce ideas, share notes and test each other’s knowledge on a topic. It makes revising more interactive and more likely you’ll remember something faster before an exam.

4. Past exams

When it comes to revising Maths the most practical way is to go straight to the questions and try to solve them. Once you have mastered the questions in your book, the next level is to revise by doing questions in the exam papers and any in class test you had. This is the best way to test yourself during your revision and see how you can sharpen up your focus before the exam. As you know already we at Breakthrough Maths believe Maths is all about Practice, Practice, Practice…until it’s perfect! 

Look at the Marking Scheme:

So there you have it, short and sweet! Four practical exam revision tips to help our students with their revision. Not only can you use these tips for Maths but they can be used for all subjects you are revising. 

Give these revision tips a go and let us know by messaging us on our social media if any of them work for you. Best of luck with the exam revision!😉

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