One Month Exam Study Guide

It’s crunch time. T-minus 5 weeks until your state exams. And a little over 3 weeks before school summer exams begin. So, how should you plan your final preparation?

Here’s how some of my best students have prepared effectively.

1. Wednesdays and Saturdays

The big complaint I hear from students is: “I can’t find anytime to study with all the homework from school”. And you are right — it’s a huge load to manage it all.

Now, you must take control of your own study. Doing the teacher’s homework or guidance is NOT study. The best students will always practice more in their own time.

So here’s a tip: make Wednesday and Saturday your study days. On Wednesday, most schools have a half day. And even if you don’t have one, you can just earmark Wednesday as study. Even having those days in your minds eye as ‘study days’ really helps students. You know it’s coming; your body and brain prepares for it. You will find you will have better concentration on these days as you know it must be done.

For example, earmark from 6-8pm on a Wednesday and maybe 10 -2pm on a Saturday as study slots. Never miss these times; even if you have homework. It’s a good way to train your brain into a habit.

2. Testing is the best thing

Now it’s time to put your self under pressure. It’s time to feel the heat.

For the last month of your study, every study session should be challenging. Push your brain to recall material. Open up a blank copy at the start of your study session and see how much you remember. All the research shows that by re-jogging your brain will be far more valuable than just re-reading. Which brings me to the next point…

Check out our video below that goes a bit deeper into how important testing it:

3. Never Re-read

Don’t waste your time. Looking back over notes is pointless. The research shows it does nothing to improve your long-term memory. It’s an illusion. Don’t fool yourself.

It goes back to point number two. Every single study session should be hard. It should be challenging.

Never, ever re-read notes or look at questions. You’d be better off on TikTok. Work your brain, be active with questions that challenge you!

Hope that helps. You got this — 1 month out now, get going with some consistent progress.

TJ— CEO of Breakthrough Maths.

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