Leaving Cert Maths Theorems

Using Geogebra, get access to interactive examples of all Leaving Cert Maths theorems. All links are below to each individual theorem.  Also, find activities at the end.

Source: https://www.projectmaths.ie/for-students/junior-certificate/ 

  • Theorem 7 – The angle opposite the greater of two sides is greater than the angle opposite the lesser side. Conversely, the side opposite the greater of the two angles is greater than the side opposite the lesser angle: https://www.projectmaths.ie/geogebra/theorem-7/
  • Theorem 11 – *** Proofs (HL only) (image below) – To investigate whether, if three parallel lines cut off equal segments on some transversal line, they cut off equal segments on any other transversal: https://www.projectmaths.ie/geogebra/theorem-11-lc/

Here are exercises to practice all of the theorems above and to put them into practice!

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