Halloween Break Advice for Parents

We have a few useful tips during Halloween (Mid-term) for parents.

advice for parents

1. Pick just one subject – And catch up

Is there 1 subject that your child is really struggling on? If so, this midterm is the perfect time to really make back lost time. A week of individual concentration on a subject can really make the difference. After your child has finished their study, have them organise to meet with friends and family during the week as a way to relax and as a treat. This will help your child to realise there can be a balance between both work and play. Don’t know how to study?Here are 10 study tips to help your child this mid term.

advice for parents

2. Check on assignments, homework & projects

Mid-term is a good time to reflect and assess with your child on how the first term has progressed and decide if they need extra help or tuition going forward. For example, with maths we all know it needs practice, practice, practice! Therefore, talking with your child and identifying areas which they may find a bit challenging can eliminate stress and overwhelm for both the child and parents during the school year.

advice for parents. Halloween break

3. Plan out the rest of the academic year

The academic year goes fast, and more so in an exam year. Make your child aware that it’s important to plan early to ensure the most productive use of their time. The more planned you are, the more things you can achieve in school and allow for after school activities. For example, sit down, get out a yearly calendar and work out the weeks until the exams take place and the plans you would like to have. By having plans into the future, you can look forward to them helping you feel motivated to study throughout the year.

If you feel that your child needs extra tuition make sure you choose people who can provide and deliver both an excellent and student-centred service. At Breakthrough Maths through our weekly grinds and revision programmes such as Christmas, and Easter we endeavour to give your child the confidence boost they need to achieve better maths grades in their exams. 

T.J — CEO of Breakthrough Maths.

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