3 Practical Tips for Choosing a College Course

Choosing a College Course, Love it or hate it, you’ve got to make a choice.

My first time out in college, I dropped out after only 4 weeks. I’ve changed my ‘dream job’ ideas multiple times. I’ve made all the easy mistakes.

Since then, I’ve advised almost 100 students through their own CAO choices.

Watch my video below for 3 practical tips to making the correct CAO choice.

:white_check_mark:   Tip 1: Slow right down

Working life is a 50 year marathon. Do not rush into doing something for the sake of doing something. Take your time. Slow down. Most likely, you will change careers between 5-7 times in your lifetime. There’s no rush in getting it right.

:white_check_mark:   Tip 2: Stay broad

“One size does not fit all”. I read this article in the Irish times recently and it made lots of sense. Stay broad with your course choices. Allow yourself the 4 years in college to niche down into a career you want. Buy yourself time and wisdom while still expanding your learning and horizons.

:white_check_mark:   Tip 3: Start with the end in mind

This is one of the best tips from a world leading author, Stephen Cohey. Read Stephens work, he is the original thinker in self development work. It’s all about imagining the career, the job after university. Don’t worry about what you will study. Focus on where it gets you. That’s what you will dedicate your life’s work to!

T.J – CEO of Breakthrough Maths

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